After about 6 hours of deliberation, the jury in Reggie Woods' murder trial returned a verdict: NOT. GUILTY. Hearing these words from a jury foreman is a surreal experience. I can't imagine what Reggie and his family felt like. I know they were overcome with emotion. We could not be happier for them.

Steven Moore did a fantastic job, and I was honored to represent Reggie Woods with him.  I truly believe that Reggie is innocent, and I am ecstatic that the jury agreed.

I am painfully aware that everyone's idea of justice does not present itself in every single case tried before a jury. Such is the nature of our justice system. While I have disagreed with jury verdicts many times, when I am able to consider it dispassionately, I am always humbled by my great fortune to live in the United States of America where justice may still be done. Let Freedom Ring.

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