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The Validity of Eyewitness Testimony

Law Offices of Fisher Wise May 16, 2023

According to statistics from the Crime in Tennessee annual report, there were 502,706 total reported crimes statewide in 2021. In Tennessee, a person arrested and charged with an offense may need to go through the criminal trial process to determine whether they’re innocent or guilty. During a criminal trial, either attorney may call on an eyewitness to describe their firsthand account of the incident. 

Generally, eyewitness testimony can help throw more light on the facts of a case. Describing what the eyewitness saw or heard can help convince the judge or jury about the defendant’s role in the crime. However, eyewitness testimonies often depend on the person’s ability to recall the event. Hence, it is possible to disprove or question the validity of the eyewitness statements and testimony. 

At the Law Offices of Fisher Wise, I’ve devoted my career to offering trusted legal guidance and reliable representation to clients in their criminal cases. As an experienced Tennessee criminal defense attorney, I can investigate every last detail of your case, challenge the validity of eyewitness testimony, and craft a strong defense to fight your charges. My firm proudly serves clients across Chattanooga, East Ridge, Soddy-Daisy, Rhea County, Marion County, and Sequatchie County, Tennessee. 

Role of Eyewitness Testimony in a Trial  

Eyewitness testimony can be described as direct testimonial evidence often used during a trial to establish the facts of a case. Eyewitness testimonies that are valid and convincing can help prove whether the accused person is guilty or innocent of the charges. 

Furthermore, eyewitness testimonies can prove very useful to help the police and attorneys during a criminal investigation, prosecution, or trial. At trial, a person present at the scene of the crime (an eyewitness) will be called upon by the defense counsel or prosecutor to identify the offender and describe what they heard or saw. 

Pros and Cons of Eyewitness Testimony  

Below are some pros and cons of eyewitness testimony: 


  • It is sometimes very reliable and accurate. 

  • It can help throw more light on the crime or incident. 

  • It allows someone present at the crime scene to give a detailed account of what they heard or saw. 

  • It can be direct evidence during criminal proceedings or trials. 

  • It can help convince the jury or judge and influence their decision. 


  • It is not always totally accurate, and there may be errors. 

  • The eyewitness can make up parts of the story. 

  • The witness may be unable to recollect exactly what they saw or heard. 

  • You can entice a witness or manipulate their testimony. 

  • Erroneous eyewitness testimony can lead to wrongful imprisonment or conviction. 

A dedicated criminal defense attorney can enlighten you about the role and influence of eyewitness testimony on the outcome of your case and craft a solid strategy to challenge its validity and prove that you’re innocent. 

How Influential Is Eyewitness Testimony? 

In a criminal case, law enforcement, attorneys, and the judge usually rely on testimonies and statements provided by the eyewitness to arrest, investigate, prosecute, and issue a judgment. As a result, eyewitness testimony remains a crucial piece of evidence that is used in the criminal justice system to establish the details and facts of a case and decide whether the defendant is guilty or innocent. 

In addition to giving a firsthand account of what they saw or heard, the eyewitness may be able to give a physical description of the culprit or identify the defendant at a live lineup. However, it is still possible to provide erroneous or inaccurate eyewitness testimony. Unfortunately, this may lead to investigating, prosecuting, or convicting someone who is actually innocent. 

Therefore, to protect your legal rights and prevent a wrongful conviction, it is imperative that you hire a seasoned criminal defense lawyer to handle your case. Your legal counsel can interview witnesses, identify inconsistencies in their statements, and help outline your best defenses. 

Dependable Legal Representation  

Eyewitness testimony remains a piece of crucial evidence in every criminal case. However, previous animosity, memory limitations, and conditions at the crime scene can make an eyewitness account erroneous and unreliable. At the Law Offices of Fisher Wise, I’m committed to protecting individuals who have been wrongfully charged from the worst possible punishments. 

As your legal counsel, I can evaluate all of the facts of your case and identify testimonies that will help in your defense. In addition, I will challenge the validity of any eyewitness testimony against you and refute the accusations against you with substantial evidence. Above all, I will fight aggressively to defend your rights and improve your chances of a better tomorrow. 

Contact me at the Law Offices of Fisher Wise today to schedule a simple case evaluation with a strategic criminal defense lawyer. I can offer you the skilled representation and detailed legal counsel you need in your case. My firm proudly serves clients across Chattanooga, East Ridge, Soddy-Daisy, Rhea County, Marion County, and Sequatchie County, Tennessee.