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What are the Rules on Self Defense in Tennessee?

Law Offices of Fisher Wise  Dec. 7, 2022

When someone threatens your life with deadly force, you have a right to stand your ground and defend yourself. In some cases, however, if you take someone’s life while defending your own, you could be charged with a crime.  

After you have defended your life, I will defend your future as your criminal defense attorney. That is why I am here for you. The exact laws surrounding self-defense in Tennessee can be confusing, and I am here to help you understand them. If you have any questions or concerns about self-defense, contact me at the Law Offices of Fisher Wise in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I also provide my services to the areas of Marion County, Rhea County, Sequatchie County, Red Bank, East Ridge, and Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee. 

Is There a Duty to Retreat During an Attack? 

In some states, if you believe you are in imminent danger, but can still escape the situation by retreating, you are obligated to do so. However, it is not always easy to determine if you can safely exit the scene, whether you are in public or in your residence, place of business, or vehicle.  

In Tennessee, there is no duty to retreat when facing danger. If you believe you are in imminent danger and you or a loved one’s life is being threatened, you are able to use self-defense and use force against the attacker. Do you have any questions about a duty to retreat or your right to defend yourself, especially in situations that may seem legally ambiguous? Do not hesitate to contact me in Chattanooga, Tennessee, today. 

“Stand Your Ground” Laws in Tennessee 

While the term “stand your ground” is not stated in any Tennessee statute, the implication of defending yourself and loved ones while being attacked is there. If you are in a public setting and a person begins to use excessive or deadly force against you, you have a right to use a matched amount of force to defend your life.  

It is important to understand that you cannot be the initial aggressor. You must have been attacked and reacted accordingly while defending yourself. You must also use an adequate or equal amount of force while defending yourself, meaning, if someone attacks with their hands, a firearm is not an equal threat of force. However, If you believe that your life and your family’s lives may be in danger, you are able to use deadly against the attacker. 

If the police do not believe your story or criminal charges have been brought against you, do not face this alone. Contact me at the Law Offices of Fisher Wise, and tell me about your situation. I provide my services as a criminal defense attorney to the areas of Chattanooga, Red Bank, East Ridge, Soddy-Daisy, Marion County, Rhea County, and Sequatchie County, Tennessee. 

Tennessee Castle Law 

Similar to how no Tennessee code states the term “stand your ground,” the term “castle doctrine” is nowhere to be found. However, just like standing your ground in a public setting, if an attacker threatens to harm you or your family in your place of residence, car, or at your place of work, you are able to defend yourself.  

The same laws apply here, meaning, you are able to use an appropriate amount of force if you think your safety or life is in danger. To go over more specific details of castle law and self-defense, contact me at the Law Offices of Fisher Wise. 

Has Your Self-Defense Landed You With a Criminal Charge? 

As stated before, in some cases, police officers or prosecutors may not see your actions as self-defense. If you truly believed that your life or the lives of your family were in danger and you took the appropriate precautions to protect yourself and loved ones, you acted in self-defense. If police officers or prosecutors are accusing you of manslaughter, domestic violence, murder, or any other violent crime, turn to me.  

As your criminal defense attorney, I will collect the appropriate evidence and fight to clear your name. You acted accordingly and defended your life. Let me defend you now. Get in contact with me at the Law Offices of Fisher Wise in Chatanooga, Tennessee, and schedule a consultation. I also serve the areas of Red Bank, East Ridge, Soddy-Daisy, Marion County, Rhea County, and Sequatchie County, Tennessee.